I Like This Guy

I was excited to learn that a Republican actually had a chance to win the special election in Massachusetts.  A Republican, whether as conservative as a tea-partier or as moderate as McCain, supporting the GOP platform, could be a game changer for America.


We’ve all said that our one vote doesn’t matter.  His does.  If Scott Brown wins the Massachusetts special election (which is looking more likely every day), then Obamacare will not pass.  Cap & trade, card check, and amnesty for illegal’s will not pass.  One more Republican vote in the Senate can change everything.


So I was excited, for those very superficial reasons.  But then I started studying the guy, this Scott Brown, who is the man seeking that vote.  And I think I like this guy.


Scott Brown published a post in The Boston Globe this morning. Some selected passages follow:


On Healthcare


… “the healthcare bill under discussion in Washington is not good. It will raise taxes and increase spending. If you are a senior on Medicare, it will lead to a half trillion dollars in cuts to your care. Since we are way ahead of the rest of the country with our own state reforms, we will get nothing in return. My opponent, Martha Coakley, will vote yes on this bill. I will insist we start over.”


On Government Stimulation of the Economy


“Failure should be admitted in Washington, and not repeated. With last month’s news that we lost another 85,000 jobs, and with unemployment stuck in the double digits, it’s time to admit that while the $787 billion stimulus had the best of intentions, it failed to create one new job. We shouldn’t pass yet another stimulus that adds to the debt without adding jobs.”


On Really Stimulating the Economy


… “an across-the-board tax cut – in the tradition of John F. Kennedy – for families and businesses that will increase investment and lead to immediate new job growth. More tax increases will hurt our recovery. That’s why I have taken a no-new-tax pledge. My opponent will raise taxes.”


On Terrorism


… “our nation is still at war with radical Islamic terrorists determined to destroy our way of life. The Christmas bombing attempt on a Northwest Airlines plane is a wake-up call. But instead of being interrogated by military professionals at Guantanamo, the plane bomber has been given taxpayer-funded lawyers in a US courtroom. Because he’s been granted constitutional rights, he’s invoked his privilege to remain silent. Would-be killers should be treated for what they really are: enemies of a country at war, not ordinary criminals.”


On Civilian Trials for Enemy Combatants


“My opponent would accord such terrorists all the rights our Constitution grants to citizens. I will treat them as enemy combatants who should face military justice.”


I liked the simple fact that one vote, this man, could create a Senate in which open debate was required again and that Harry Reid could do nothing about it.  I liked the fact that extreme progressive ideologies could no longer be forced on Americans who did not want them because the majority of the Senate are elitists who don’t care what most of America thinks.  I liked the fact that we might not have to wait until November to start taking this country back.


Then I started hearing and reading what Scott Brown is saying, and I really like him, and the concept of him serving in the United States Senate.


As he told the moderator in a recent debate when asked how he felt about taking Teddy Kennedy’s Senate seat, then casting the deciding vote against the current healthcare fiasco;


“It’s not Ted Kennedy’s seat.  It’s not the Democrat’s seat.  It’s the people’s seat.”


And the people do not want this legislation.



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