Oh, the Games People Play

Politics as usual is nothing but a game.  It’s a game that the electorate has clearly tired of, but that hasn’t stopped the elected from continuing to play it.  Just today we’ve heard of David Vitter and Mary Landrieu taunting each other with slips of blue paper over judicial appointments,




of Democrats planning a counter-insurgency against Republicans over charges of racism, and of Democrats in Massachusetts avowing to delay the confirmation of Scott Brown as Senator should he win that election next week.  They are determined to do whatever it takes to get the government control of healthcare done – WHATEVER IT TAKES.


Mary Landrieu sold her cloture vote, and then Ben Nelson sold his for a higher price.  Reid and Pelosi negotiate on a compromise bill that both chambers of Congress can pass, and they have to do it behind closed doors so we can’t see the dirt they throw at each other, the bribes they give each other, or the promises they make for things they’ll do with our money.


I used to think politicians ran for national office because they cared about the country.  Then I began to think it was because they cared about an ideology.  But this has nothing to do with altruistic passions, and it has nothing to do with ideology.


It’s all about winning the game.  It’s a game with three rules – whatever you can get away with, don’t get caught, use other peoples’ money.


The most frightening aspect of this game is that the players and coaches (and marching bands and cheerleaders and flag corps) are so completely consumed by the game, by the thrill and power surge that comes with victory, that they don’t hear the fans on the sidelines yelling and booing and telling them to stop.


Usually when people cease to enjoy a game, they quit supporting it.  In this instance, there is a growing contingent on the sidelines, more involved than ever, screaming for this male bovine excrement to end.  But the players like the aroma too much to stop, and they seem to like the feel of it between their toes.


You know what?  A week from tonight could be “game over.”  How much more clearly can you state that we’ve had enough than to elect (or to even come close) a Republican in Massachusetts, who has vowed to vote against the current healthcare reforms, to replace Teddy Kennedy?


But they won’t hear that, either.  As we’ve already noted, they will play still another game, to delay his confirmation until the healthcare bill passes.


They won’t hear until we tell each and every one of them at their next election cycle –





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