Shocker — Brown Within 9 Points in MA

As I posted this weekend, Scott Brown’s campaign in the special election for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts is worthy of your attention and support.  Today, Rasmussen has released the first poll of the race, and it shows Coakley leading Brown only by 50% to 41%.  Among those who say that they are definitely going to vote, she only leads by 2%.  With Brown just beginning to introduce himself to Massachusetts voters, and with the unpredictability of special elections, I have to say that this race is winnable.  And winning the U.S. Senate race in Massachusetts(!) would shock the political world to its core and would immediately announce the end of Obamacare.  Even if Brown loses but comes close, it will probably doom the health care bill, because Massachusetts is not supposed to be close — it’s a state that President Obama carried by 26 points in 2008.  If you haven’t yet donated to the Brown campaign, visit his website and do so today.  The election is the 19th, but he needs your support now to buy the advertising to get his message out.

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