The Most Dishonest White House In American History

Yes, I’ll agree that there has been a dispiriting amount of lies told by presidential administrations throughout the country’s 200-plus year history. But has there ever been a White House so contemptuous of the American people as to insult our intelligence the way this crowd does?

Andrew Breitbart has been following a story over at which outlines exactly how dishonest the Obama administration actually is. The White House released its September visitors log, which included a “Bertha E. Lewis” early in the month, and…well, let’s let Andrew take it from here:

According to the visitor logs, on September 2nd Bertha E. Lewis made an appointment on to visit the White House on September 5th at 12:30. (We usually need to plan further ahead to get our hair cut.) On the evening of the 4th, that appointment was cancelled so Bertha could move her appointment earlier, to 10am.

And it doesn’t seem to have actually been a work visit, as her appointment indicates she was visiting the Residence within the White House. Also, September 5th was a Saturday. Nice.

In addition, the record notes that she was to receive a STAFF TOUR, which are different-and more special-than the regular Group Tours available to others.

Ms. Lewis doesn’t seem to have returned to the White House after this visit. Of course, just 5 days after this visit, James O’Keefe would release the first video of his undercover journalism on the systemic corruption within ACORN.

So ACORN’s CEO is visiting the White House and getting the royal treatment? Well, why not? After all, if it weren’t for ACORN Obama would probably still be in Chicago as a broke adjunct professor with Bill Ayers to thank for ghostwriting that book about his father. And without ACORN stealing the Minnesota Senate election Obama would be sitting with the worst legislative record of any first-year president in American history. So of course Lewis should get the bonus plan at the president’s crib, right?

Well, no. According to the White House and we’re not talking about THE Bertha Lewis. Says The Politico’s Ben Smith, apparently with a straight face:

An administration official tells me that, indeed, this is a different Bertha Lewis, an ordinary visitor who came in through the White House visitor’s office.

One clue: The ACORN official’s middle initial, according to her New York voter registration record on Nexis, is “M.” An ACORN spokesman says her middle name is “Mae.”

Breitbart scoffed at Smith’s unquestioning reportage and challenged him to produce the name of the “administration official,” to which Smith responded with an update to his piece:

UPDATE: Big Government’s Andrew Breitbart, impressed with the long odds against having other, non-famous people named Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Malik Shabazz, and Bertha Lewis all turn up on the White House visitors list (they did) last year, was skeptical of my background source.

So: White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed for this morning that, indeed, it was a different Bertha Lewis, though she declined to share details about that visitor, citing privacy reasons.

Again – Smith reports that the administration is saying Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Malik Shabazz and Bertha Lewis were all at the White House last year, but they weren’t THE Jeremiah Wrights, Bill Ayerses, Malik Shabazzes and Bertha Lewises you know – they were DIFFERENT folks with the same names. And this Bertha E. Lewis person, who nobody’s ever heard of, got to change around her schedule at the last minute so she could check out the residence and get a staff tour. But because of privacy reasons we can’t say who the non-famous Bertha E. Lewis is or where she comes from. Ditto for the OTHER Jeremiah Wrights, Bill Ayerses and Malik Shabazzes whom you’ve never heard of.

Are you feeling stupid yet?

Hi, I’m Bertha O. Lewis. Damn glad to meet ya.

Why would this administration lie so openly about something so petty? Well, don’t forget that Obama’s campaign went over the top in their attempts to assure the American people that he had no meaningful connection to Wright, Ayers, the Nation of Islam and ACORN. Had the full extent of his relationships with those people become a bona fide issue in the 2008 election so as to identify the true character of Obama’s leftist leanings, John McCain would be president.

So the administration has to take pains to cover their original lies with new ones, even going so far as to insult our intelligence by saying they’re inviting some schmo from Sheboygan who goes by Jerry Wright down at the lawnmower repair shop, or that they’re giving the royal treatment to Bertha E. Lewis the hairdresser from Pine Island, Florida in recognition of her $50 donation to the campaign last year – but they can’t say anything about these folks because of privacy reasons. After all, the Pine Island Recorder wouldn’t run a photo of Miz Bertha with Barry and Michelle after she got back from her trip because of privacy concerns down there among the dugongs in Southwest Florida. Because that NEVER happens.

The whole thing is humorous as well as insulting. And then you stop and think – what are they lying about that actually does matter to us?



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