State-Sanctioned Union Coercion And Theft: The Card-Check You Don’t See

From Fox Business News’ John Stossel comes a story you won’t likely believe. Apparently, the unions have come up with a few ways to recruit members which have little or no relationship to actual recruiting:

Mackinac sued Michigan on behalf of the day-care owners, but the case was dismissed. They have appealed. Neither Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, the Department of Human Services, nor the union would talk to me about this. Last month, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash proposed a law that would end “stealth” unionization of private entrepreneurs.

How that case could possibly have been dismissed is a question perhaps our readers could enlighten us on. No one should be forced to join a union if they don’t want to, and they especially should not have union dues subtracted from their compensation without their permission. This is theft, pure and simple, and the people responsible for it are criminals.



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