Pelosi, Democrats Descend Into Full-Fledged Insanity With Reconciliation Bill is reporting that the House Budget Committee tonight released a 2,309-page bill which purports to “reconcile” the differences between the House and Senate versions of Obamacare.

Early indications are that this “reconciliation bill” is far worse than either of its predecessors, but the word is that this bill, which includes a public option, government funding for abortions, a federal takeover of student loans, the controversial Health Choices Administration which Sarah Palin referred to as a “death panel,” monopoly Health Insurance Exchanges and other poison pills, is actually just a shell. The real “reconciliation bill” will come about as a result of the markup process in the House Budget Committee.

Of course, the Budget Committee is the one Rep. Charlie Melancon quit a week and a half ago to some controversy. Perhaps now we know why. If the bill is 2,309 pages now, heaven knows how grotesquely, obscenely garagnatuan it will be after it’s marked up by committee, and depending on what stays in this bill and what might be added to it this could easily have killed any chance he may have had of ever getting elected again.

Depending on what results from the markup of this bill, the outrage it will generate could well make past manifestations of voter anger seem like apathy by comparison. Should House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her acolytes in the Democrat leadership couple this action with an attempt to force the Senate bill through via the Slaughter Rule – in other words, just deem the bill passed by voting on something else – it would indicate that the majority’s contempt for an American public which hardens in its opposition to this legislation and the sleazy process involved in attempting to pass it each day is complete. To force through such sweeping changes against the will of the people is to place the very fabric of the Republic at risk, and Pelosi and her cabal are wagering a lot more than just their majority status when the public has a chance to turn them out in November.

The Democrats had better be careful about what goes into this Reconciliation Bill, not to mention how they go about attempting to effect the passage of the Senate bill they say they’ll turn into law this coming week. Dangerous times are ahead, and the people in charge don’t seem to have the slightest indication of what could be coming.



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