What Does Buddy Caldwell Do For His Salary?

UPDATE (2:58 p.m.): WAFB-TV reports that Caldwell is now in the game, as Gov. Bobby Jindal has asked him to join a multi-state suit against the federal government challenging Obamacare on constitutional grounds.

Governor Bobby Jindal, who supports the move, said Monday that he believes the national health care bill approved by Congress Sunday is unconstitutional.

“It’s a bad bill for Louisiana, a bad bill for America,” Jindal said.

Jindal asked Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell to look into the legality of the federal government mandating that citizens purchase health care insurance. Caldwell announced early Monday afternoon that Louisiana would join other states in protesting the bill.

“This is a huge overreach,” Jindal said during a Monday afternoon news conference. “I believe it would violate the constitutional rights of our people.”

“We will support what the Governor in what he asked us to do,” Caldwell said.

Back in the fall, Caldwell’s office made a big show of raiding ACORN. They seized computers on Nov. 6 after issuing a subpoena in October, putting out an allegation that embezzlement at ACORN was in the neighborhood of $5 million, which ACORN denied. Supposedly Caldwell’s office has been investigating ACORN since August of last year.

Has anything happened on that investigation since November? If so, we haven’t heard anything about it.

Back in December, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and state economic development secretary Stephen Moret asked Caldwell in writing to do something about the EPA’s intrusive attempts to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant. With Louisiana being the second-largest energy producer in the country behind Texas, you’d think this would be important – and when Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli and Texas’ Greg Abbott both taking strong stances against the EPA and challenging the endangerment finding they’re using to attempt to regulate CO2, you’d expect Caldwell to be right there with them and the 14 other state attorneys general engaged in the battle.

Today, Abbott and Cuccinelli are again leading the fight against the federal government, weighing a multi-state lawsuit attacking yesterday’s passage of a health-care reform bill which mandates that individuals purchase health insurance and mandates that the states come up with a way to cover millions more people through Medicaid with no federal funding to back up such a task. There are as many as 38 states involved in this effort at present, with Louisiana being one of them – currently at the legislative level.

Where’s Buddy?

He’s thinking about it. Maybe he’ll join Abbott and Cuccinelli, maybe he won’t.

Caldwell’s office number is 225-326-6079. If you’d like to know where he is on these three issues, feel free to call him – and let us know what they tell you.

We’ve asked. We haven’t heard anything.



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