Are Allee Bautsch and Joe Brown Expendable?

Save one press statement almost a week ago, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has remained mute about one of his employees and her date who were viciously attacked by protesters over a week ago in New Orleans’ French Quarter. They were attacked and beaten on the sidewalk literally outside the Louisiana Supreme Court Building, after attending a GOP fundraiser at Brennan’s Restaurant earlier in the evening of Friday, April 9.

According to sources, Jindal is reluctant to comment because he’s afraid that New Orleans’ reputation as a lawless cesspool would be further damaged. We had last week called upon Gov. Jindal to enlist the help of the U. S. Justice Department and the Louisiana State Police in investigating the crime, due to the ongoing problems within the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD).

The question is, then, are Bautsch and Brown expendable in order to further the Greater Good of New Orleans tourism dollars? Do we conservatives have to offer up some sort of half-assed sacrifice from time to time in order to appease the gods of political correctness?

So far, the only official that has had the stones to describe what happened that night is Louisiana GOP Chair Roger Villere, Jr. He granted an interview to Lincoln Parish News Online two days ago and told us his recollection of events.

And forget about the Dinosaur Media actually getting up off their lazy behinds and doing real reporting – like actually interviewing people who were there.

We had contrasted this event with what the media’s likely response had it been staffers of Senator Mary Landrieu who were beaten. And also contrast this with how they reported the fictitious claims of racial slurs and spitting during Tea Party events.

So now are conservative activists legitimate targets to be attacked at will? We need to know the rules going in, we suggest.

Originally posted at Lincoln Parish News Online.



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