Draining Obama’s Campaign Money, A Few Cents At A Time

We found this at the Ace Of Spades blog as we made our morning rounds on the internets:

Obama Should Thank Rush Limbaugh

So, I’m listening to the EIB network right now (yeah, it’s kinda a live blog) and a caller who used to work for Google called in to discuss how Google’s search feature bills advertisers. Apparently, Google auctions off ad space and the highest bidder gets to have the ad of their choice come back as the number one result.

Why is this interesting? Because, according to the caller, people who sponsor, say a political campaign’s efforts to fundraise off of the Goldman Sachs controversy, pay upwards of 50 (fifty) cents a click when people hit the resulting “sponsored ad” subject only to a daily budget agreed upon in advance.

Once the budget is reached for the day, said ad disappears.

This made me curious, so I entered the search terms “goldman sec” into google, and sure enough, a “sponsored ad” popped up at the very beginning leading me to a certain regime’s online political efforts.

So I clicked the link.

Now, theoretically speaking, if I had done this 9 or 10 more times, I would have run upwards of a $5.00 charge towards the regime’s daily amount. Meaning that i would have helped to stimulate the economy by divesting the regime of $5.00 they would not otherwise have spent. If, of course I had done that.

A few minutes later, I clicked on those search terms again. Whatever I was doing in those intervening minutes is none of your business. I may have been clicking madly on a certain link, and I may not have been. I’m not telling.

This time, however, the ad was gone.

Meaning that the “daily expenditure limit” for the ad had already been reached. Within 3 minutes of Limbaugh’s mentioning it, the ad’s “buy” for the day was over.

I wonder if the regime will send Mr. Limbaugh a gift for exposing their ad to a much wider audience than it would have otherwise achieved?

After all, you would think they would thank him. That’s what you would think.

Now I’m not necessarily advocating that anyone go online over the next several days and continue to search out this link and click on it. I mean, it would be an awful thing if the regime were to lose a ton of money while gaining little to show for it. It would be a waste is what it would be.

But if you should be a little curious about the whole “Goldman SEC” thing, it is your civic duty to be informed.

That’s all I’m saying.

Posted by: Jack M. at 01:47 PM

We tried this on Monday and saw the ad for BarackObama.com, but neglected to do a screen capture. We tried it again just now and it isn’t there. But if you’re on Google and you see it again, by all means feel free to click through a couple (dozen) times. Google will probably thank you more than Barry will, but hey…



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