Legislative Action Watch Group Forms

Fellow Taxpayers and Activists:

 As the newly formed TEA Parties have done a great job in grabbing the attention and displeasure of many taxpayers across the country, we have seen results in some Congressmen responding and making themselves more attentive to our national concerns.

However, our State Legislature is currently in session, and during these times, it is critical that we watch closely and get involved in actions just down the road in Baton Rouge.

Therefore, thanks to the great mind of fellow activist and communications professional, Leslie Alexander, we are forming a group called Legislative Action Watch (LAW).  We are NOT seeking to step on the role of the local/state TEA Parties, but rather, provide an avenue for many of the same patriots to become more informed on the actions of our state government, which also has serious consequences for our lives.

The mission of this group is to:

  1. Engage participants wishing to be active promoting needed reforms in Baton Rouge;
  2. Be on the lookout for bad legislation that could harm the state and our citizens, such as legislation that diminishes individual rights, or unnecessarily increase our tax burdens;
  3. Keep legislators, no matter what their political affiliation, accountable to the people for their actions;
  4. Identify and honor those legislators who are truly serving the people. 

Our State Legislature typically meets for only three months out of each year, but during that time, we need to be just as alert, if not more, to the actions taking place as we are with Congress and Washington, D.C.  Some might even say the best way to make real change in Washington is to first put your local legislators and Governor on alert that the people are now paying attention.

The first meeting will be at the Lafayette Southside Library (on Johnston just South of the mall) on Thursday, April 29 from 5:30-6:30pm. 

Our first discussion will focus on
  • Introducing what we hope to accomplish through LAW
  • Provide information on three pieces of proposed legislation that could eat away at the rights of victims of violent crime.
  • Specific action steps to address these concerns. 

We will have as a guest speaker, Catalene Theriot.  Mrs. Theriot is the Victims Assistance Coordinator for the 16th Judicial District, covering Iberia, St. Martin and St. Mary Parishes.  She is also the director of V.O.I.C.E. (Voices Of Innocent Citizens Empowered).  She has a unique insight into the terrible effects of violent crime on individuals and society, and will enlighten us about what we can do to protect our rights.

 Again, please join us at the Lafayette Southside Library on April 29, 5:30-6:30am.  If you should have any question, please feel free to give either Leslie Alexander or me a call.   We welcome your suggestions and help.

 Nick Bouterie:  (337) 280-7984

Leslie Alexander:  (337) 636-4104

 As we progress, we hope a few more people will step forward and help contribute to informing Louisiana citizens of the actions of our state government.  Let’s shine the light on the actions of our legislators, and keep them accountable

 Thank you for your time and consideration.



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