Nanny State Logic

Perhaps you recall last week’s discussion about new EPA mandates for 40% higher fuel economy fleet averages accompanied by reduced greenhouse gas emissions.  The next day that same agency recommended the adoption of another mandate which will make the first one harder to achieve.


An ethanol producer’s lobby, “Growth Energy,” submitted and had approved a proposal that the amount of ethanol in gasoline be increased from 10% to 15%.

What does this mean?


For corn growers and ethanol producers, it means billions more in government subsidies. For the rest of us, it means significantly higher gasoline and food prices, and for some, additional vehicle maintenance costs.


On the same date by which auto manufacturers must achieve a Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ Standards) of 35.5 mpg, oil refiners will be required to double the amount of corn ethanol in their product mix to 15 billion gallons.  That can’t be achieved at the current 10% level, and the corn lobby has successfully lobbied that it be increased to 15%.


Ethanol releases 30% less energy per gallon when it is burned than does gasoline, so for every increase in ethanol content, gas mileage is reduced.  So the wizards at the EPA are mandating higher fuel efficiency with less efficient fuel!


With this mandate, corn growers will be even more inclined to convert their crops from those intended for human and livestock consumption to those intended for conversion to grain alcohol, so food prices inevitably go up.


With this mandate, older vehicles not equipped with the proper electronics to adapt to this level of ethanol in the fuel mixture will experience a higher rate of oxygen sensor and fuel system failure, and the accompanying increase in repair expense.


Should have gotten rid of the clunker when Obama tried to stimulate you to!


This is the big government that wants to control more aspects of our lives, and this is representative of the kind of logic (?) they will use.


Do we really need that?



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