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“And things aren’t going to get better any time soon. Already businesses around the nation are being hit with the new taxes and regulations from the health care bill, and with Democrats still pondering policies like cap and trade and a VAT tax there is an “uncertainty tax” across the entire economy right now.

“Investors and entrepreneurs don’t want to invest, invent, innovate and expand without knowing the sort of tax and regulatory environment they’re going to be doing business in. If you were thinking about starting a new trucking company, would you do it as Congress considers cap and trade legislation that might put you out of business before you start? If you’re an investor, would you put money in a new venture only to see it crumble under the weight of a value added tax?

“Of course not. Those policies aren’t just potentially devastating for our economy in and of themselves, the mere possibility of them act as a suppressant to economic growth in this country.”

Rob, at Say Anything Blog, on the latest jobs numbers.



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