This Is Virtually Guaranteed To Scare The Crap Out Of You

Via Ace Of Spades, here’s a fresh new reason to never sleep again.

Just have a look at this video…

What you’re looking at is a promotional video from a Russian company showing how their new cargo container-based missile system can be used to mount stealth attacks against enemy nations from trains, trucks and ships. That would be frightening enough even without the obvious hint that the target might be America or its allies – those planes and tanks in that video sure look familiar, don’t they? – and then of course the video moves into the realm of the truly obnoxious by using the Hans Zimmer movie score music from Gladiator and Pirates Of The Caribbean and about a half-dozen other films to punctuate the destruction of all the American-made military hardware.

There’s no voiceover in that promo. None is needed. The Chavezes, Ahmedinejads, Awlakis, bin Ladens, Kims and Than Shwes of the world can figure things out pretty quickly.

There’s a book you need to read if you haven’t read it. It’s called One Second After, by Bill Fortschen. The book, released last year, is about an electromagnetic pulse attack on America – nuclear devices detonated at high altitude over the continental United States in multiple launches from container ships – which reduces us to a pre-Civil War capacity by taking down the power grid and virtually every electronic device in the country. The devastation is almost unimaginable. You won’t sleep for a while after you read One Second After. Warner Brothers bought the rights and is apparently working on making it into a movie.

A weapons system like this one is precisely the kind of thing which could bring Fortschen’s nightmare scenario into reality. It’s also a vehicle which could lead to a catastrophic attack on Israel, or a sneak attack to decapitate the Uribe administration in Colombia. Or the Saakashvili administration in Georgia. Or American military bases in any number of places. But given that no other nation would warrant such stealth measures in order to execute a missile attack on it, it’s quite obvious that this system is designed to put a target on our collective back.

A wise American administration would regard this as a direct threat to our national security and take whatever measures possible to put an end to it before the Russian company advertising it is able to deliver on any contracts.



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