Bergeron Swarms on Sally, Regents

Louisiana News Link publisher and long-time Louisiana political consultant Patrick Bergeron makes a compelling legal argument that Sally Clausen is not now and has not been Commissioner of Higher Education since her retirement last August.

by Pat Bergeron, Category 5 Communications

The most important component of the ‘Clausen Cover Up’ occurred when Dr. Clausen retired and was hired back. How was she hired back, if she was no longer the Commissioner? She certainly couldn’t do it herself, she was no longer the Commissioner. Clearly, the Board of Regents (in an open public meeting) is the only entity that could legally hire her back! Underlings Donnie Vandal and Kim Hunter Reed have absolutely no standing or legal authority to hire a Commissioner of Higher Education. It is our contention that Dr. Clausen is not (legally) the Commissioner of Higher Education today and has not been since she retired last August. Which begs several intriguing questions that may only be answered by the courts. In this instance both federal and state laws may have been violated. The board, as the sole hiring authority, has a stringent legal obligation to advertise this position as vacant and all potential candidates should be allowed to compete. Obviously, the Board (if they knew of Clausen’s retirement) broke the law (that demands equal opportunity of employment) by not advertising and interviewing candidates prior to filling the open position.

Looks to us like very sound logic.

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