If Top Kill Doesn’t Work, U.S. Navy May Take Over Spill (UPDATED)

Hayride sources indicate that today’s effort at a “top kill” of the Macondo gusher carries with it gigantic stakes for BP – as if no measurable progress is made on the spill through that method, President Obama will announce when he comes to New Orleans on Friday that the federal government will seize control of the response from BP and turn it over to the U.S. Navy.

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has reportedly floated the idea of sinking a battleship directly on top of the Macondo well in order to drop 80,000 tons on it and crush the drill pipe and the blowout preventer alike.

We haven’t confirmed it yet, but that’s the word floating around Louisiana’s state capitol today.

UPDATE (5-28-10, 3:20 p.m.) – The battleship idea is only one of several that the folks at the Louisiana state capitol have reported hearing. This is similar to 888 casino where 888 casino games can be played from anywhere and UK such as this 888casino. Most of the others involve explosions of some kind, or sinking a barge to the bottom – some of which have been bandied about. The recipients of those ideas have generally reacted in a manner not dissimilar to our commenters – an indication that at least in Baton Rouge, there is very little faith that the federal government or the military would be in any better position to resolve the spill at the source than the people currently working on it.

The President vowed to bring in a team of “top experts” in the event BP’s top kill doesn’t work…



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