Competitive Enterprise Institute President Fred Smith Speaks Tuesday At Plimsoll Club

Liberate to Stimulate: How Restoring Economic Liberty Offers the Best Hope for America’s Future

DATE: May 4, 2010
TIME: 12:30 p.m.
LOCATION: Plimsoll Club, Westin New Orleans Canal Place Hotel
COST: $25 for lunch
RSVP to [email protected]

Fred Smith will address how the Founders’ restraints on government have weakened over the last century, the factors that made this possible, and the challenges we must overcome if we’re to restore the American dream.

The Founders were well aware that a government strong enough to promote our utopian dreams was a government strong enough to threaten our core freedoms. They sought a “more perfect union” – not perfection.

How did the Founder’s hopes flounder? How can we restore an America where doing something means reducing the burden on the citizenry of excessive government? Might we use the current fiscal crisis to advance this goal, to persuade Congress to Liberate to Stimulate?

At a time when Washington is rushing to adopt national health care, expanding the federal role in education, imposing major new tax and regulatory burdens, and nationalizing vast swathes of the economy, this question could scarcely be more timely.


Fred Smith grew up just north of Pearl River near Honey Island Swamp, what is now Bogue Chitto National Wildlife Refuge. He attended Slidell High and graduated from Tulane University before moving to Washington DC. As a former policy analyst with the EPA, Fred speaks with candor about the true cost of government regulation and why in 1984, he founded the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free market public policy group. CEI aims to make good policy, good politics. Combining both analysis and advocacy, CEI engages in litigation and outreach, translating intellectual ammunition into accessible products. Fred addresses complex policy issues ranging from the environment to corporate governance and is a frequent guest on national TV and radio programs, as well as a prolific writer.



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