Crystal Ball Gazing

Mankind has always yearned to “see” the future – to know what lies ahead.  Whether through a dedicated study of scriptural prophesy or simply scanning one’s daily horoscope, its human nature to want to know what tomorrow holds.


The United States’ crystal ball has lifted its veil and revealed her future.  That future can clearly be seen by



looking at recent events in Greece.


Greece is at the leading edge of European social programs, followed closely by Spain and Italy.  Healthcare and other social entitlements cost more than can be covered by the exorbitant taxes collected by the government, and social labor provisions, such as mandated abbreviated work weeks, extensive vacations and holidays, and ballooning wages have resulted in significantly lower worker productivity, which in turn fells another blow to tax revenue.  The programs that Greece and other European nations have enacted are unsustainable.


Now there is rioting in the streets as residents of Greece perceive that their social entitlement programs will be curtailed or completely eliminated.


Whereas Greece once enjoyed a stable economy with credit ratings comparable to the United States, investors, who have lost confidence in the Greek governments ability to repay that debt, are now demanding 19% returns on their loans.


Such is the future of our country if the current administration and seated Congress are allowed to proceed with their ideological programs already under way.  Government mandated and managed healthcare, extensive regulation and outright ownership of businesses, ongoing extension of unemployment benefits with no offsetting cost cutting elsewhere, enhanced education grants and government sponsored student loans…  All in lieu of economic incentives that will encourage investment, productivity enhancements and job creation.  “No new taxes,” but exhaustive new fees and penalties, and talk of a Euro-style Value Added Tax.


Now the Obama Administration is discussing having the United States participate with the International Monetary Fund in bailing out Greece and its failed social programs.  We don’t need to bail them out as we simultaneously walk that same path!  While we desire a strong European ally, we must recognize that the European Union was created to be an economic competitor with this country.  The EU should help its own.  We have our own problems.


And those problems will, in a few years, look like Greece today if we don’t stop it now.  It’s far easier to deny an entitlement than to rescind it.  By knowing our future and acting responsibly, we can change that future.


Greece is America’s crystal ball.  Gaze into it and see if that is the future we want for our children and grandchildren.



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