House Committee Takes Hardy’s Pants Off On Bill

All Rickey Hardy wanted to do was to make you pull your pants up. Instead, he got his pants removed.

Hardy’s HB 103, known as the “Pants On The Ground” bill, would have made it a crime to wear one’s trousers too low.

But the bill lacked suspenders of its own. Hardy was roundly criticized for introducing it, as it had previously failed twice in the Legislature. The ACLU called it “grossly unconstitutional.” And today, the House Criminal Justice Committee voted without objection to dismiss the bill. It was “voluntarily deferred,” which means it’s done for this year.

Hardy said he was trying to reclaim society. Now he can reclaim something else. Like his pants.

And with that, a key element of this session’s comic relief is gone.

Video of the committee session can be found here.



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