Jindal Scores Big Win On Teacher Accountability Bill Final Passage

With a 68-22 vote in the Louisiana House of Representatives this afternoon, Gov. Bobby Jindal’s teacher accountability measure will now go to his desk after clearing both houses of the state legislature.

The bill, HB 1033, will measure teachers by the progress of their students during the school year, and the evaluations of teachers based on those measurements will take place yearly instead of the every-three-years program currently in place.

The teachers’ unions hate this bill with an almost pornographic lust. When the state Senate passed HB 1033 by a 22-17 vote on Wednesday, Louisiana Association of Educators President Joyce Haynes had this to say:

“Teachers have an incredible impact on the lives of students, but we are not the only influence. Its proponents may believe that HB 1033’s value-added system of measurement sufficiently accounts for all the variables which affect student learning, but those of us on the frontlines—as do researchers—beg to differ.

“It’s unfair to rely mostly on student test scores for determining the effectiveness of a given teacher. It’s also unthinkable and disrespectful to the profession which is why we believe HB 1033 seriously weakens Louisiana’s efforts to recruit and retain, especially in our high-needs schools.

“Sure if teachers are forced to focus on a single, narrow measure of achievement, students may improve—that is at taking a test. But they won’t develop deeper understanding. They won’t perfect the ability to use what they learn in new situations. HB 1033 would undermine our efforts to prepare students for a complex and fast-changing future. It will be them who will ultimately pay the price.

“All students deserve great schools—with great teachers and leaders working collaboratively and focused on the needs of children. Public education will improve, and our state will progress, but only when the entire education community works together and the professionalism of all educators is affirmed.”

The LAE was at least pleased that the bill was amended before passage in the Senate to include charter school teachers and administrators in the evaluations, a provision not made in the original House bill.



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