Rasmussen’s latest presidential approval index is out, and President Obama is in free fall.

The latest numbers have just 24 percent of the population registering strong approval for the president, and 42 percent giving him approval overall. But 44 percent say they strongly disapprove of Obama and 56 percent disapprove.

That gives the president an approval index of minus-20.

Obama’s rating on the economy is just 39 percent, one of several internal figures which indicate why his approval is tanking…

Taxes Will Go Down: 10%
Gov’t Spending Will Go Up: 64%
Obama on Economy – Ex/Good: 39%
Obama on Nat’l Sec – Ex/Good: 44%
Leadership – Ex/Good: 42%
Views Society as Fair: 42%
Politically Liberal: 72%
Iraq Priority – Troops Home: 59%
Troops Home – End of 1st Term: 66%
Obama on Energy – Ex/Good: 37%
Supreme Ct Choices Too Liberal: 44%
More Ethical Than Most Politicians: 28%
Ethics Ex/Good: 35%
Trust Obama on Economic Crisis: 26%

Rasmussen also released a poll yesterday which said voters want to repeal Obamacare by a 63-32 margin.

Remember the narrative surrounding Obama when he was running for president? He was a centrist and a problem-solver who would change the crooked politics in Washington. The narrative is melting, the American people don’t agree with his policies and he’s falling apart.

The question is, what does Obama have on his agenda which will reverse these numbers?



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