Please Don’t Get Rid Of Eric Holder, Mr. President (Updated)…

…Holder is the worst Attorney General since the founding of the Republic, which means he fits right in with the rest of your administration.

He’s so far out of the mainstream on race that no sooner did you appoint him but he called out the whole country for cowards on the issue.

He’s such a stooge of the anti-American left that he dumped a case of voter intimidation against the New Black Panther Party when his predecessor had already won a default judgement against them.

He’s so weak on the war against Al-Qaeda and their radical Islamist allies that he defied virtually everyone involved and attempted to cram a civilian trial for Khalid Sheikh Muhammad in New York City down the throats of the people of New York, not to mention the rest of the country.

He’s such a crappy lawyer that he’s threatened to sue the state of Arizona on its immigration law without having read the thing.

And now we find out that Eric Holder won’t even admit that radical Islam is the reason for the Times Square bombing attempt…

(Hat tip: Gateway Pundit.)

Eric Holder was totally unqualified for his current post. Remember that the last time Holder was in federal office he orchestrated a corrupt pardon for Marc Rich in the final days of the Clinton administration. This guy should never have been allowed near a government job again after that fiasco.

And in any other case, it would be an easy call to say that Holder should be run off after this latest shameful episode. You have to be an imbecile or a lefty not to understand Faisal Shahzad and his merry band of psychopath jihadists attempted to blow thousands of Holder’s countrymen to smithereens in Times Square because of radical Islam. It’s not controversial to suggest that; it’s factual. This is anything but difficult stuff; if he can’t make so simple a statement when it’s spoon-fed to him he’s totally unsuited to the task at hand.

But I don’t want Holder gone.

How can I say that? Very simple. Nothing Holder does and says is at odds with the thoughts and directions of his boss. Barack Obama chose Eric Holder, and he didn’t do so out of ignorance or carelessness. Holder is an Obama Mini-Me. If Obama was Attorney General he’d be doing exactly what Holder is doing. And if and when Holder is finally made to resign in disgrace – a resignation I hope not to see any time soon – someone equally at odds with the rest of the country and equally unfit to serve will take his place. Because it takes such a person to do what Obama wants done.

So let’s leave Holder where he is. Let him be an albatross around the President’s neck. The Democrats were sorry to see Michael “Brownie” Brown go as head of FEMA; now that their Michael Brown (or at least one of their Michael Browns; Janet Napolitano, Carol Browner, Tim Geithner, Kathleen Sebelius, Ken Salazar and even Joe Biden are also just as incompetent and ridiculous as Brownie was) has shown his stripes in the AG’s chair, I want him as a symbol of the weakness, inanity and fecklessness of this administration as a whole.

Removing Holder won’t change the performance of the Justice Department. All that would do is put someone just like Holder, but who doesn’t have his disgraceful reputation and record in the job YET, in charge. And that fresh face will go on doing the terrible work Obama wants done without the public’s recognition of same.

Please don’t change Attorneys General, Mr. President. You appointed this man. Choke on him. The Republic will survive both of you until January of 2013.

UPDATE (3-14-10, 9:25 a.m.): Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit disagrees. He’s saying that Holder’s incompetence and insufficient allegiance to our side in the war against radical Islam puts the nation at risk and that Holder’s got to go.

He’s right about everything but the last part. As we said above, the problem isn’t Eric Holder. It’s Barack Obama. If Holder goes, the policy won’t change; it’ll remain the same under the direction of somebody who’s just lesser known and not as toxic as Holder is becoming.

The fish rots from the head down. Holder is a bit more toward the back of this fish.



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