Can You Feel The Presidential Boot On Louisiana’s Throat?

Does anyone find it curious that Obama seems to be doing nothing to help BP clean up the oil spill in the Gulf? If one watches with both eyes open, it isn’t curious at all.

The industrial accident that happened on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig off of the Louisiana coast on April 20th was a real tragedy in three areas. #1, 11 workers were killed in the explosion. #2, the oil leaking into the Gulf will be very hard to clean up. #3, this accident, rare as it is, can now be used as the excuse that the Obama administration has long been looking for to smash Louisiana’s economy.

Whereas the first two tragedies are terrible in their own right, it is the third one that will bring the most destruction, the most pain, and the longest lasting suffering to our state.

The communist-dominated environmental lobby, very well established and long a force in the US, has been pushing for the elimination of domestic oil production for many years. They found a champion in Obama, and have pushed him hard to find a way to eliminate or at least seriously curtail oil production ever since he was elected.

Louisiana produces a large percentage of the oil that is used for gasoline in the US. Much of this oil production is “off shore” in the Gulf of Mexico. It is a major industry for our state, and it has had a very good safety record for a very long time. But, this accident did happen. And now, Obama will use it as an excuse to stop all deep water drilling in the Gulf for at least six months. If he has his way, it will be forever. But, six months is enough to kill the industry. The drilling rig companies will have to move to other countries to find work, and after they are gone they may never come back.

Louisiana did not vote for Obama in the 2008 election. All but two of the Louisiana congressional delegation in Washington opposed Obama’s dramatic increase in spending and his gigantic ballooning of the national debt. They did not support his bailout of the auto workers unions, or his bailout of his friends on Wall Street. They were firmly against his government take-over of the medical industry. So now, with this excuse in his pocket, Obama can exact his revenge upon Louisiana big-time.

The moratorium on offshore drilling will also benefit Obama’s friends in the Middle East because we will have to buy more oil from them. Don’t expect anyone to admit this, as the official word will be that the moratorium is just to prevent more environmental accidents.

In the mean time, Iran is openly developing nuclear bombs right in front of Obama’s face. Despite all of this, the Rasmussen Poll of June 10th shows that 46% of the American public thinks that Obama is doing a good job! “Hope and Change” anyone?



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