Immigration Irritation

While outside visiting with a neighbor and realtor, I inquired about a house he’d recently listed in the neighborhood, as the seller had only purchased it about six weeks ago.


It turns out that the owner recently completed a tour in Afghanistan and returned home with his German wife, who is 7 ½ months into a pregnancy.


As he was being discharged and preparing to return to the States, they completed over 150 forms in order for her to gain a visa and be allowed to return with him, and to give birth in the United States.  Shortly after buying and occupying the home, they received notification that they had failed to properly complete two forms – apparently failed to sign them – thus her visa was being denied.  They were given one week to get her out of the country!


She is back in Germany now with her family, and he has decided to re-enlist and go defend his country again, despite what that country has done to his family.


This is but another outrageous example of bureaucracy in our government.  A soldier returns from battle with a pregnant wife who is not a citizen, and she is denied a visa because of a technicality. 


Contrast this with all the uproar about sending illegal Mexicans back across the border in Arizona.



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