And They DARE Call the Tea Party Racist…

Via Gateway Pundit, Jesse Jackson is on CNN describing why he’s for the promotion of a Black National Anthem…

Jesse Jackson makes his living by scaring the bejesus out of corporate America with charges of racism. If in fact the kind of institutionalized racism that the civil-rights movement was created to end has, in fact, ended, then Jackson might be reduced to finding real work.

Obviously this is not earth-shaking news. But it probably ought to be said. And it probably ought to also be said that in the run-up to this year’s mid-term elections the level of rhetoric being thrown around – from the outright lies told about health care protestors on the Capitol steps March 20, to the blatant demogoguery of the Arizona immigration law, to the accusations of Tea Party racism two weeks ago by the NAACP, to the reaction to the Shirley Sherrod fiasco. And now Jackson continuing to fan the flames; it’s difficult to imagine he’s off the reservation with those statements.

The Obama administration recognizes that not only does the majority of the electorate not support its agenda, but its opponents are much more passionate and are better mobilized as a result of legislation like Obamacare, the stimulus package, Obama’s auto bailouts and other acts which are seen as abuses of power. And since the administration has failed to deliver results for large swaths of its constituencies – in particular the black and hispanic communities, who are struggling desperately in this recession – it is terrified that a debilitating, nightmarish electoral holocaust is in the offing this November. And so, recognizing that millions of black and hispanic votes are necessary to stave this off and that the political machine built in 2006 and 2008 through the use of ACORN and SEIU depends largely on black and hispanic votes serving as fuel, it’s incumbent upon the administration to stoke as much passion as possible in those communities. Which is why we have lawsuits against Arizona and accusations of racism against the Tea Party.

The cynicism is breathtaking. It has the stench of evil. It doesn’t constitute anything close to governance. But it’s what we have.

When this is over, here’s hoping that larger numbers of black moderates and conservatives recognize this horrid behavior for the disrespect it is toward them. Here’s hoping over time that the consequences to the Democrat Party reflect the quality of its actions.



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