He Didn’t Exactly Call The Founders Rich White Devils, But…

…our President certainly appeared to give qualified support at best to the men who wrote the Declaration of Independence on the 234th anniversary of its publication:

It’s like the straw man argument Obama made during the campaign, in which Afghanistan was the “good war” and Iraq was “Bush’s war.” Obama embraces the ideals of Abraham Lincoln while offering a passive-aggressive swipe at Thomas Jefferson and the other titans of liberty on whose shoulders he stands.

Of course, if Obama’s command of history was at the same level of his narcissism, he might be familiar with a quote or two from his White House predecessor and fellow Illinoian, who said “The principles of Jefferson are the definitions and axioms of free society.” Lincoln also famously said that he never had a political idea which wasn’t derived from the Declaration of Independence, the document Jefferson wrote which was ratified by the “men of property and wealth” Obama so snidely maligns.

There is no glorification of Lincoln without a similar tribute to the Founders. It isn’t possible. Even if some of the Founders held slaves and Lincoln is credited to have freed them, it’s very apparent to any students of history that even many Virginians and other southerners among that august group were deeply aggrieved by the Peculiar Institution and wished it to go away. How strange, then, that Obama struggled to avoid insult to Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Adams, Franklin and the rest just days after eulogizing in glowing terms Robert Byrd, a modern-day racist and hatemonger who was using the term “white nigger” on national television within the last decade and whose history includes leadership in a paramilitary organization dedicated to violence and intimidation of the ethnic group the President represents.

It’s not the “property and wealth” which sticks in Obama’s throat. It’s the liberty. That’s obvious, and it’s frightening.



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