Pollapalooza, July 13 Edition

We’ve got all kinds of interesting numbers to throw around this morning, but if you’re President Obama and his merry band of leftards, as Ah-nold once said in True Lies “Zey vere all bad.”

Let’s start with Captain Kickass himself, because before Ah-nold turned into Mr. Maria Shriver and helped run California into the earth’s core, His Most Exalted Obumbility would be a good candidate for the receiving end of one of those tough-guy one liners after something awful happened to him at Ah-nold’s hands.

Turns out the folks being polled wanna be Ah-nold and treat Captain Kickass like a Middle Eastern terrorist or biker gang dude or South American drug lord or something. At least, that’s the conclusion you come to when you see the latest ABC/Washington Post poll. Obama gets pummeled on the “confidence” question – hard. Some 57 percent say they have either “Just some” (28 percent) or “None at all” (29 percent) confidence in the president. Only 43 percent say they have a “Great deal” (24 percent) or “Good amount” (19 percent).

As Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey points out, these numbers are especially sucktastic for The Mighty Obumble, as the pollster seemed to go out of his way to dredge up as many lefties as possible to inflict questions upon. Either that, or he couldn’t find enough conservatives who would answer the poll questions without profanity and intimations of Ah-nold movie violence. The sample skewed pretty hard to the left, as Democrats outnumber Republicans 31-24 in the general poll sample and 33-26 among registered voters polled. Those are numbers which look pretty similar to the makeup of the 2008 electorate, as Morrissey notes, and absolutely nobody thinks this is 2008 politically anymore.

Morrissey also notes some more “Zay vere all bad” numbers…

•Economy – 43/54, down from 50/49 in June
•Health care – 45/50, down from 49/49 in April
•Budget deficit – 40/56, basically unchanged since April
•Regulation of financial industry – 44/50, down from 48/48 in April

Over to Rasmussen, whose daily presidential tracking poll rates the President’s Approval Index as minus-17. Today’s numbers say 41 percent of the likely voters he polled Strongly Disapprove of Obama and just 24 percent Strongly Approve, which essentially means the president has the 90-something percent of the black community who will love the guy until their dying day and about 13 percent of everybody else.

Rasmussen also says that Republicans have a six point lead on the generic Congressional ballot. And he says that four Democrat senate seats are gonna flip, with nine more as tossups. If the Republicans get 10 seats, or six of the nine tossups, they retake the Senate. If they get five of the nine tossups, or nine Senate pickups, Sergeant Smartass has to get off the Jay Leno show, stop ogling Natashas and go back to Capitol Hill to break ties.

In specific Senate races, Rasmussen has:

There’s other polling out there, too…



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