The Fox News/New Black Panther Case Expose’, Part Two

Former Justice Department attorney J. Christian Adams, who resigned amid the Department’s handling of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, was on Fox News with Megyn Kelly again today for the second part of an interview discussing the case. Adams recounts that he resigned after Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez provided false testimony in May to the United States Commission on Civil Rights on the case, in contravention of a suggestion he made to Perez not to offer such testimony.

There’s more on this. Kelly also had longtime civil rights attorney Bartle Bull, a former campaign manager for Robert Kennedy and Jimmy Carter and a card-carrying liberal, who happened to be on the scene that day in Philadelphia, in for an interview…

This doesn’t look good, to say the least. And the administration has a real credibility problem, because anyone who has seen the video of the event in question is going to have a difficult time explaining why that wasn’t an open-and-shut case of voter intimidation. Whether Adams can prove that there’s a policy in place to refuse to prosecute black-on-white voting rights cases or not is an interesting question, but clearly the refusal to follow through on the New Black Panther case is an indication that he may well be correct.

Another interesting question is how far up the food chain at Justice this goes.

These are questions that a Republican House Majority in January 2011 should begin to pursue with vigor. Eric Holder and Barack Obama might not like that one bit.



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