Tonight: “LIFT THE GULF OIL DRILLING MORATORIUM” Town Hall Meeting with Congressman Bill Cassidy

Tea Party of Louisiana hosts a “Lift the Gulf Oil Drilling Moratorium” town hall meeting in support of Congressman Cassidy’s bill on Monday, July 12, 2010, at Boudreaux’s in Baton Rouge from 7 PM – 8:30 PM. The Tea Party of Louisiana has invited Congressman Cassidy and several other Business & Industry speakers to present the drastic economic impact of this ill conceived and arbitrary Oil Drilling Moratorium.

Featured Speakers include:

  • Congressman Bill Cassidy, 6th Congressional District
  • Don G. Briggs, President Louisiana Oil & Gas Association
  • Ginger Sawyer, Vice President Louisiana Association of Business & Industry, Energy Council Director
  • Lawrence Svendson, Operations Manager Marlin Energy LLC
  • Scott McKay, Publisher at

We urge all concerned citizens to come hear and show your support in everyone’s efforts to keep our vital oil & gas drilling industry and jobs open.

We extend an invitation to all Tea Party groups and all organizations opposed to the Gulf Drilling Moratorium. This is urgent and needs everyone’s attention and support now!!! Time is critical!!! Bring your family, friends, neighbors, business associates…



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