Filtration, n.: the mechanical separation of a liquid (substance) from the un-dissolved particles floating in it. (Webster’s On-line Dictionary-2010)

The national media regularly reports concerning the operation of the government. The media allegedly channel the delivery of factual information. Now, unfortunately, the media’s taken it upon itself to explain the communications to the ignorant and misguided mess we are in their opinion. To CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, MSNBC, CNBC and the rest of the conglomeration of alphabetized misdirection, I say this – SHUT-UP AND GO AWAY! Your constructive brand of censorship is disgusting.

Each day I arise to read and/or (at least) scan the pages of no less than twenty news outlets published across the world. I do this on a computer. It appears there are no more than a handful of news outlets in America. It looks like there are no more than six automobile designers on the planet either. All cars look alike for a reason and so does the media.

Thoughts are personally communicated then transmitted across radio, television and now, computer media daily. We propel thought at the speed of light. Influence is peddled immediately. Reportage is pushed into the glare of packaged radiance simulating the light of truth. It misses the mark. The truth is detected in the depths of shadow.

The terminology even points to what’s theorized. The government (President, Congress, Legislature, Council et al.) takes the substance (news, press releases, “leaks”, commentary etc.) and passes it to the MEDIA. It then turns it into a feed and starts the process of filtration. This information is passed through the media. Dangerous elements bearing greater weight drop to a layer called the Permeate and pass through to be discarded. One of these undesirable substances is integrity. Integrity’s heavy; requiring veracity, reliability, morals and honor: attributes not common to all politicians. Integrity’s lost quickly. It’s proven if you tell a person a fact at the head of a twenty person queue (waiting-line), the subject will be distorted drastically by the time it reaches the end of that queue. The more people touch a thing; the more it’s polluted (influenced). (Remember: we’re talking about political communication here.)

More of the integrity, honesty, morality and reliability filter out as the subject processes through the media and the subject is moved about, interpreted and possibly diluted. The interpretation comes from the particular communicator’s agenda. You’ll notice this President rarely uses a conservative news outlet to promote his agenda. The outlet of choice will be one showing, (at least) deference to the majesty of the office if not the man holding it.

But, another Permeate is added to the filter system. Market share, the amount of revenue gained by supplying a product to a consumer, is that Permeate. People watch the news and read the papers available to them. As the majority of news outlets are at least progressive, if not outright liberal, the news delivery is slanted and channeled to please the presenter, not necessarily the audience. The more liberal (or conservative) matter fed to the audience the more it wants; sort of in the way a certain fast-food chain influenced the world diet to be heavy on carbohydrates and forced satiation (feeling of fullness and false contentment. Unfortunately it generally leads to obesity and other health issues). So it goes with the Media.

The last stage of filtration is where you get the final product: the Retentate. This is what you leave the table with when you feel satiated. With media it’s a matter of what you think you know as opposed to what the WHOLE truth is on a matter. The filtration process drives public opinion polls, directing people to make choices affecting their lives and generations to come. This isn’t solely a matter of liberalism v. conservatism. Many self-important people are guilty. It was once the job of the Press and Media to be the people’s protector. Now, Market Share (greed) has diluted that source of protection for the people.

The Press is more a pollutant rather than the filter it should be.

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