Our Border Is Safe And Secure, All Right

This video was shot three weeks ago in Reynosa, which is the Mexican town across the Rio Grande from McAllen, Texas. You can’t see much, but you can sure hear plenty. It’s a six-minute non-stop gun battle, complete with what sounds like automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Somebody brought out the heavy artillery for this dust-up.

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We have a civil war going on at our southern border, and our administration is spending its time suing states for trying to do something to keep it from coming home to us. We can’t even get National Guard troops deployed to the border without a four-month delay.

It’s all political, of course. Everybody understands that. But when gun battles like this latest one in Reynosa start coming across the Rio Grande or other iterations of our Mexican border and begin happening in commonplace fashion in places like Yuma, El Paso or Brownsville, how advantageous will the politics be then?

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