The Left, In Total

In just five minutes, if you can wade through it, David Letterman and that effeminate guy Maddow will give you everything you need to know about the American Left, circa 2010.

If you can’t, it boils down to this:

1. Absolutely zero concept of the facts, or even any respect for uncovering them.
2. An immediate assumption that only the basest of motives are at work among people who disagree with them.
3. An unconscionable smugness borne of derision and disrespect for the other side.
4. A total disregard for the private property of others and a demeaning attitude toward said others’ attempts to preserve same through democratic means.
5. A hair-trigger propensity to accuse conservatives of racism.

Why Letterman, whose career is all but finished after a nearly-unbroken string of unentertaining shows and personal disgraces, and Maddow, whose career hangs on a string amid nearly non-existent ratings, are on the air is a worthy question. At one point Letterman was watchable; he survives on that fact.

Notice, though, the sycophantic unanimity of the audience in their applause during the piece. Aren’t there any conservatives who attend Letterman’s show?



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