A Letter to Hunt Downer

The following letter to Hunt Downer was penned by a voter within the 3rd Congressional District and is being sent to both The Daily Iberian and The Houma Courier in response to an election mailing by the Downer campaign. As you can see, and as the person that penned the letter most eloquently states, Downer is dishonoring ALL of the National Guard veterans that did not see active duty service, but served their country nonetheless.

Gutter politics has reached a fever pitch within the Downer campaign and is being fueled by his astute campaign manager, Buddy Boe.

Chris Gary

Today I received the color announcement in the mail and also saw the TV spot from Hunt Downer stating Jeff Landry was being dishonest because he is “intentionally deceiving people about his service during the Gulf War.”  The brochure shows a comment where Landry only drove a jeep for a general officer while at Ft. Hood.  So what!!! He did what he was told to do during his active duty call-up which was to serve our nation.

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