DCCC Stays Out Of Louisiana In Latest Round Of Election Spending

It’s not a surprise to those watching closely, but the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee hasn’t thrown any support behind Democrat candidates in Louisiana according to the latest Federal Election Committee filings.

The latest round of disclosures, as researched by the Washington Examiner’s David Freddoso, identifies 22 House Districts the DCCC is actively attempting to defend and one Republican-held district they’re attempting to assist in stealing away. None of those are in Louisiana, and scant few are in the South, though, interestingly enough.

In Mississippi, the DCCC has spent $43,000 to run attack ads against Republican Alan Nunnelee, who is challenging Democrat Travis Childers in the 1st District. Childers won that race in 2008 after its former Republican holder Roger Wicker was appointed to fill Trent Lott’s Senate seat, but it now looks like a real toss-up; Democrat polls say Childers has a five-point lead and GOP polls say Nunnelee is up by eight.

The DCCC also put $29,000 behind Chad Causey, who last month was running 16 points behind Republican Rick Crawford for the 1st District seat in Arkansas; the Democrat incumbent Marion Berry chose not to run for re-election.

But the three Southern districts in which the DCCC has really made a commitment are the 2nd District in Georgia, where they’ve put $59,000 behind incumbent Sanford Bishop, who is in a major scrape against GOP state legislator Mike Keown, the 8th District in North Carolina, where they’ve poured $189,000 into incumbent Larry Kissell’s race against Republican Harold Johnson and the 2nd District in Alabama, where they’ve put $176,000 behind Bobby Bright, a Democrat incumbent in a toss-up race against underfunded GOP Montgomery city councilwoman Martha Roby.

Most of the rest of the DCCC’s spending is in the Midwest, where Democrats look like they’re going to be wiped out at present.

But Cedric Richmond, who has been badly outspent and has about half the cash on hand of Republican opponent Joseph Cao in Louisiana’s 2nd District – one of only three GOP-held districts RealClearPolitics.com rates as leaning Democrat this fall – hasn’t seen a dime yet.

Neither has Ravi Sangisetty, who will likely have an initial cash-on-hand edge against Republican Jeff Landry when the latter in all likelihood finishes off primary challenger Hunt Downer on Saturday. Sangisetty has raised $611,000 but spent $363,000 of it as of his Aug. 8 filing despite not having a primary opponent; his $247,000 in cash on hand will likely be considerably more than Landry’s by next week, though the Republican is certain to generate significant funding in advance of the general election.

One would suspect that the DCCC would become involved in one or both of the contested Louisiana races before they’re over. To date, however, that has not happened.



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