Vitter Jumps On Melancon-Tea Party Debate Screwup

We could have predicted this in our sleep, but when Democrat Senate candidate Charlie Melancon made the mistake of calling for five debates with incumbent Republican David Vitter but refusing to take part in any sponsored by Tea Party groups he opened up a can of worms Vitter has now happily poured all over him.

In a release today Vitter took up for the Tea Party and cheerfully beat the daylights out of his challenger on the issue…

U.S. Senator David Vitter today called on Charlie Melancon to apologize to the large number of tea party members and voters in Louisiana for comparing them to the fringe, far-left activist group*

“First, when questioned about his support of the horrible Obama stimulus and bailouts, Charlie Melancon called Louisianians **“fear mongers.” And now, rather than accept a grassroots organization’s offer to debate issues impacting Louisiana families, Melancon has flat out stated he wants nothing to do with the Tea Party and won’t accept any of their debate *offers,” said Vitter.

Melancon has publicly, out-right rejected a debate hosted by any Tea Party organization in Louisiana.

“Charlie Melancon is taking his talking points directly from the liberals in Washington D.C. when it comes to the Tea Party and he is absolutely on the wrong side of a vast number of Louisianians – much like his horrible bailout, stimulus and Obama budget votes. But, we shouldn’t be surprised, he votes with Obama 84 percent of the time and Nancy Pelosi three times for Speaker of the House,” added Vitter. 

Pelosi denied the authenticity of the town hall protestors last summer, many of whom were Tea Party members, by calling their civic involvement “astroturf” and even “un-American.”

In an April 2010 poll done by Rasmussen Reports, more than 50 percent of likely voters in Louisiana identify or sympathize with the Tea Party.



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