Election Night guide

Watching returns on Election Night is an American tradition similar to Super bowl Sunday.  On the ballot Tuesday will be federal, state, and local races – our focus will be on the Congressional (House and Senate) and the Governor’s races. So what should we look for?

Poll Closings/Expectations

In any “wave” election, you start seeing unexpected results/an indentifiable trend almost from the beginning. For example, in the 1994 GOP landslide, three Indiana Democrats went down to defeat early in the night. In the 2006 Democratic landslide, Indiana Democrats defeated three Republican incumbents – we are using Indiana as “Exhibit A” because polls close at 5PM Central time……

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John Couvillon is a political consultant. His company is JMC Enterprises of Louisiana, Inc. with expertise in the data analysis aspects of political campaigns, such as poll sample development/analysis, development of targeted voter files for phone canvassing or mail outs, campaign strategy, and demographic consulting. See his site at WinWithJMC.com for more information 


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