FEMA Refuses Perry’s Call for Help

A month ago, Tropical Storm Hermine tore through the state of Texas.  Residents in North Texas experienced dire circumstances of a kind that Louisiana residents can resonate with.  Here is a description of the disaster as reported by CBS:

Tropical Storm Hermine caused eight deaths, widespread flooding leading to more than 100 high water rescues, over 100 residences were destroyed and thousands of citizens were without water and electricity.”


The enormity of the disaster was far beyond the scope of the resources available to local authorities.  Governor Rick Perry sent a plea for help to the federal government, asking FEMA to consider the situation a disaster for 13 Texas counties.  That request was denied.

Let me just reiterate something here: “thousands of citizens without water and electricity.”  Thousands.  Thousands of citizens in Texas are homeless or living in shelters reminiscent of conditions in the 1800s.  And the federal government does nothing???

The federal government has way too much power, spent way too much money, and has extended their influence into our lives unwanted.  but when an obvious disaster arises that threatens the lives of thousands of American citizens, the government must act. So, it was ok to spend billions of dollars on a stimulus bill that did nothing for our economy and even more billions on bailing out a failing auto industry, but it’s not a good enough cause to spend resources on actually helping the American people????

This government is out of control.  It spends money like a drunken sailor on every conceivable program that its citizens do not want, and then when a situation arises in which the American people would largely be supportive of government spending, they decide to do nothing.  The level of hypocrisy here is unbelievable. 

Here is an individual’s story who is suffering from the effects of the storm:

All of the residents in the Arlington complex have been forced to leave, but many of them visit to see how their neighbors are coping and to pick up their belongings.
“I’m packing up a few things that were laying around, trying to get them in boxes,” said Barbara Thompson, who’s lived in her rented unit for several years.  Her home suffered little damage, and she was able to salvage most of her belongings. But, Barbara says the most difficult loss is her feeling of security.
“I’ve never been homeless before,” Barbara said.

Hardworking Americans have been uprooted from their lives and forced into homelessness during a time of severe economic downturn.  Obama’s stimulus did not help these people.  Obama’s bailouts did not impact these citizens.  Yet, here the President gets another chance to actually do some good for the people of Texas.  And he does not do it.

I mean honestly this is absolutely ridiculous.  The federal government is spending our money. They are spending it on programs, services, and other forms of public spending that are wasteful and unproductive.  Because of this wasteful spending, when a situation actually arises that calls for government assistance, there is none forthcoming.

Barbara has lost her “feeling of security.”  The people of North Texas have lost “their feeling of security.”  And everyone else in this country should be feeling the exact same way.  Don’t count on the federal government to lend you a hand in your time of need.  This is the message of the Obama regime:  we will spend your money how we want it, when we want to spend it, and we will spend it in ways that have no positive impact on your lives whatsoever.

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