Jindal Travelling to New Hampshire, Marking his Territory for 2012

I think it’s safe to say that few actually believed Governor Bobby Jindal’s rhetoric on Wednesday when he told Monroe news outlet, The News Star, that speculation about his ambitions for public office were, “ginned up by political opponents who want him out of the way so they can step in.”

It’s a safe bet that Jindal will leave the state to pursue national opportunities, and honestly, more power to him.  His insistence on the contrary is understandable given the fact that he most likely desires to seek re-election in 2011, yet another gold star to add to his relatively brilliant resume.  Sure he’s made his mistakes, but who hasn’t?

However,  recent information from The Advocate about Jindal travelling to New Hampshire on October 14 to campaign for gubernatorial hopeful John Stephen inches that safe bet a bit closer to a certainty.

The significance of campaigning in New Hampshire?  It will be the first battle ground for the GOP primary come 2012. 

 So, welcome to the campaign before the campaign ladies and gentlemen.

With this in mind, consider the implications for the lieutenant governor’s race today.  Whoever you vote for, don’t just think about that person as the “2nd in command.”  Because come 2012, there will be a vacancy at Governor,and right now you’re voting on who will fill it.



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