On Compromising With Obama, Limbaugh Hits The Nail On The Head

This was extremely well put even by Rush’s standards. Comments made by Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) to the effect that Senate Republicans don’t think it’s doable to repeal Obamacare – suggesting that the weak sucks in charge of leading the GOP into endangered status in 2006 and 2008 are earnestly angling to destroy the second chance the American people are trying to give them in two weeks – are indicative of the fact that Beltway Republicans can’t wait to sell out their supporters in favor of invitations to lefty cocktail soirees in Georgetown.

Here’s Rush’s take, and then we’ll have some of our own.

RUSH: All right now, look, folks, I understand your frustration. I understand totally your anger. What I don’t understand is why anybody is surprised by this. I warned you people about this. I think it was the week before last, yeah, when I described for you the conversation I had with the ranking Republican. Well, now it’s official. The elites in the GOP want to compromise with the Democrats, and they think that’s what you want. It’s all over the news today, and there’s a bunch of lessons here. Here’s how to blow the greatest election opportunity you’ve ever had since 1894, here’s how to blow it two weeks out, and at the same time here is how you form a third party, how you create the circumstances a third party would form.

This is the problem. The elites inside Washington, I don’t care what party, Republican, Democrat, cocktail, doesn’t matter what party, it’s the elites, we need to break the back of the elites out there. They have nothing to do with this grassroots movement that’s the Tea Party, nothing whatsoever. They have nothing to do with any victories in this election. This is going to be very key. All of these big time wins that are on tap two weeks from today, the elites will have had nothing to do with it. The elites have, in fact, stood in the way. The elites have decried and pummeled all of the Tea Party people and the candidates that have arisen from this effervescent grassroots movement. It’s the elites in both parties who paved the way for Obama. It’s the elites in both parties who gave us Senator McCain. The elites in both parties spent like liberals; they paved the way for McCain, they paved the way for Pelosi, for Harry Reid, and Obama. And now they’re sitting in Washington hoping to benefit from the results of an election that is in part in response to their malfeasance. So they’re sitting there — (interruption) what do you mean, Snerdley, people don’t know what I’m talking about? You don’t think they know what I’m talking about? Well, I’ll get to it in just a second.

Here’s the headline from Politico: “Poll Finds DC Elites Tepid to Tea Party.” That’s one headline. There is another story here about how the Republican House leaders seek to avoid the mistakes of 1994, claiming that people are going to have to realize that Republicans may have to compromise with Democrats in tackling broader problems. So these are two stories that are out there today, the top of my stack. “Poll Finds DC Elites Tepid to Tea Party,” yet they’re going to sit there and try to benefit from the victories the Tea Party is gonna produce. And here is Wall Street Journal: “GOP House Leaders Seek to Avoid Past Mistakes” of 1994. Don’t want to shut down the government; don’t want to have the same thing happen that happened in 1995 with the budget battle and Bill Clinton and so forth.

This is how third parties are born. These morons have no clue how short their lease on life is, these elites, they really don’t. They have no clue how short their lease on political life is. They seem to think that the Tea Party is gonna end on November 2nd. They think the Tea Party’s over, and once the election has taken place, then the elites, the Republican Party as well, are gonna now take over and start to manage the victories that have been secured by virtue of the Tea Party. What will happen is the Specters and the Charlie Crists and so forth will go ahead and will officially become Democrats, the worthwhile Republicans will go to the Tea Party, and the remaining of these insider people, the David Frum, the David Brooks, the inside-the-Beltway, so-called conservative intelligentsia, the “let’s make a deal” types who believe that crossing the aisle and compromise and moderates, that’s what the American people want, and they think that’s what this election will say. They’re going to be all that remains of the Republicans. They’ll go to the Hamptons or wherever, but they’re going to be all that remains of the Republicans. The Republicans could end up being a 10% party if they’re not careful here. They could end up being the third party, and they could be the 10%.

Now, let’s say these in order. Andy Barr at Politico: “Washington elites have little faith that Tea Party candidates will be able to bring change and say grassroots conservatives have been the most negative in spreading their message, according to a new Politico poll released Tuesday. Washingtonians –” inside-the-Beltway types, the elites, the ruling class, whatever you wish to call ’em “– involved in the political or policy process believe overwhelmingly that Tea Party candidates will not ‘be able to bring change to Washington.’ Only 11 percent of DC insiders polled said they thought the Tea Party could bring change, compared with 77 percent who did not.”

Now, how many of these same “elites” — and I put the word here in quotes because by elite I don’t mean better than anybody. They think they are. They think they’re smarter. By elites — people who have self-appointed themselves to positions of uniqueness and specialness and “unattainableness” to anybody else, they’re not the best and brightest except in their minds. How many of these same elites thought Obama would bring change to Washington or that Nancy Pelosi would drain the swamp? How many of these people bought Obama and are responsible in part because they bought into Obama for where we are now?

Back to the Politico story: “Additionally, 33 percent of Washington elites believe Tea Party candidates have been the most negative during the 2010 campaign; 30 percent said Democrats have been the most negative, while 26 percent pointed to Republicans.” So 33% of Washington elites — this includes Democrats as well, now, it’s not just Republican elites — believe that Tea Party candidates have been the most negative. Well, that’s outrageous. It’s foolish. The most negative? Don’t they understand that what propels the country class and the Tea Party are love, optimism, future of the country can be saved, it can be secured? What’s being construed as negative is a simple factual recitation of this administration’s policies and where they’ve taken the country. You cannot sound anything but negative when talking about and analyzing what Obama’s done. You can’t sound anything but negative and angry when describing what needs to change. But what is propelling the change is not negative. It’s optimistic. It’s uplifting. And it is rooted, as I like to say, in love: love of country, love of fellow man, love of community, all of these things. You won’t find this kind of love on the left. You find contempt and disdain for the entire country, not just the people who live in it.

So folks, I’m telling you, this is a godsend in one way. I don’t know what it was that propelled The Politico people to start taking this poll. Maybe they’re trying to depress Tea Party people and ramp down the turnout, who knows. It’s going to do just the opposite. It is going to increase the turnout. I saw Rove on TV this morning, got a formula out there that 70% of the seats in play will be won by Republicans. So he was going from various analyst to analyst, Charlie Cook and some of the other inside-the-Beltway types, anywhere from 99 to a hundred to 93 seats in play. Rove’s theory is that 68 of them, 65 of them will go Republican. He thinks it’s going to be a little bit less than that. What needs to happen is for it to be more than that. There aren’t any moderates voting in this election. There aren’t any elites voting on the Republican side in this election. The people voting are the people who make the country work. The people voting are the country class and the greatest statement that could be made is if 100 seats go Republican and then let these elites try to tell us that that means compromise with the Democrats. That’s the second story we’ll get to here in just a second.

Even though 33% of Washington elites believe Tea Party candidates have been the most negative, even though it is obviously not true, as I say, you could make the case that it should be. Which party has the most to be negative about? The ruling elite in both parties like things pretty much the way they are, because they’re in power. And they’ll have momentary trades of power, elite Democrat X and his buddies that run the show for four years, elite Republican X or Y will run the show for the next four. They’ll go back and forth and they’ll deal with the same lobbyists and the same special interests, and they will continue to spread the wealth among each other. These ruling elites are only going to get the message if it’s a tsunami. A hurricane is not gonna cut it on Election Day. So I know you’re angry about it. I’m seeing my e-mail. I know you’re frustrated. But you shouldn’t be surprised. I have described for you conversations I have had with ranking elites and who think and hope that what you will realize is they really won’t have that much power, that they will not control the government, that your expectations of rolling back the Obama agenda are a little bit too high.

They’re not ready to roll up their sleeves and work. A lot of you are thinking these Republicans have, you know, 30-day plan, 60-day plan, 90-day plan what they’re going to do, every day they muscle it up. No. It really, beyond the Pledge there is no day-to-day plan of action. It’s almost a wait-and-see. You go back and you look at Pelosi and the Democrats who are running throughout 2005 for the 2006 midterm elections, I want to ask you, did at any point you hear anybody on the Democrat side of things suggest, “You know, we’re gonna need to compromise. We’re going to have a Republican in the White House for two more years, George W. Bush, and to get what we want we’re going to have to compromise with the Republicans.” Did you hear Pelosi or Hoyer or Chris Van Hollen or any Democrat talk about compromising with Bush or compromising with the Republicans when they took over? No. You didn’t. All that was on their mind was wiping Republicans out, Bush included. Why in the world are our inside-the-Beltway ruling elites all of a sudden now obsessed with the notion that we must compromise? And then they have the gall to say that that’s what you really want. You really want compromise on the big things to get things done.

That would be the worst thing. Gridlock is an option here that’s good, but compromise with these people? On what basis? For what reason? Within the realm of sanity, where is there room for any compromise with Marxism or socialism or liberalism, where is the compromise with evil? In the context of right and wrong, how do you compromise with wrong? And it’s wrong. It’s been proven wrong worldwide. It’s been proven wrong in just over a year and a half in this country. Why do you want to compromise with it? Because you want to hold onto your ruling status, and, if you’re a ruling-class Republican, I guess what you know is that ruling-class Democrats had the clique. They run the show and your acceptance and admittance and participation in the inside-the-Beltway ruling class is dependent on them liking you. That requires you to go ahead and be subservient to them, if you’re a ruling-class Republican. If you’re a ruling-class Republican and you want to be accepted in the big DC clique, you have to accept the premise that you are forever going to be a member of the minority. So that’s where we are — tsunami — two weeks from today, no compromise. Compromise with what is destroying the country will only slow the destruction. What needs to happen is it needs to be stopped, and then in time turned around and reversed.

It’s hard to add much to that. This scenario does bring to mind a movie scene which, sadly, don’t seem to be available on YouTube to pull into this post.

Namely, it’s the scene in Braveheart, where Robert the Bruce – after the famous William Wallace exhortation to unite the Scottish clans against the English tyrant king – goes to his father and is given the calculated political solution to the question of whether to fight with Wallace against the English. That solution, of course, is to sell Wallace out to the English and in doing so increase his holdings in land and title. Robert the Bruce follows his father’s advice, to his shame, before finally leading the Scots to freedom. It ends well, except for Wallace, but the betrayal is clearly the worst part of the film.

Needless to say, the Mitch McConnells, Lindsey Grahams and the rest are the Bruces. They can’t really be trusted to carry water for the American people who are making it very clear that what we want is to drain the power and money out of Washington.

But that brings to mind another movie scene. This one is from Enemy At The Gates, and it’s the scene at the beginning of the movie where the desperate Soviets, trying to dislodge the Nazis from Stalingrad, threw green troops into human wave attacks on German positions. The attacks were generally hopeless causes, but to keep the Soviet soldiers from retreating their officers stood behind them, shooting any who tried to retreat.

That’s an awful metaphor for American politics circa 2010, but it’s the one conservatives had better become comfortable with. Because comfy Establishment Republicans who think they can glom onto the Tea Party movement on Election Day and then go right back to cutting deals with the other side are sadly mistaken. Those are the retreating Soviet soldiers who’ll end up with a bullet between the eyes courtesy of the officers. The conservatives who are fueling the current political revolution had better be ready with primary challenges galore for the House and Senate, and they’d better be ready for a bloody, nasty fight for the future of the Republican Party.

The American people want Obamacare REPEALED. If the President, who has nothing but seething contempt for the public at large and in particular the majority of said public who disagree with him on the issues, chooses to veto a repeal bill, then Obamacare should be defunded. If he vetoes the appropriation bill that defunds Obamacare, then the GOP should pass resolutions block-granting funds to the states in advance of a federal government shutdown.

And meanwhile, it’s time for the GOP to stop playing around and destroy their political enemies. It’s time to burn down the Democrat millionaire job shops at Fannie and Freddie whose incompetence and corruption threaten even a second housing collapse. It’s time to break for once and all the unions whose theft of their members’ pension funds for use as political patronage has perverted both our economy and our politics for decades. Mark Hemingway at the Washington Examiner indicates exactly how much damage the subhuman scum atop America’s unions are inflicting upon us

On Nov. 1, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) ceases to take public comment on a new rule requiring that companies more accurately report liabilities they have from participation in multiemployer pension plans. Unless FASB is persuaded otherwise, the rule takes effect Dec. 15.

There are some 1,500 multiemployer pension plans in the United States, which are unique to unions. In these plans, multiple companies pay into the pension plan, but each company assumes the total liability.

Under “last man standing” accounting rules, if five companies are in a plan and four go bankrupt, the fifth company is responsible for meeting the pension obligations for the employees of the other four companies.

What this means is that companies with union labor often have pension liabilities that are several multiples higher than the pension expenditures they report — the Kroger grocery store chain shocked analysts last year when it disclosed its multiemployer pension liabilities more than doubled in a year to $1.2 billion.

FASB’s new rule could effectively wipe out the paper worth of many companies, especially in the trucking and construction industries. Once banks and creditors are aware of these staggering pension liabilities, it will make it nearly impossible for union businesses to get loans, credit lines or bonding.

Compromise with these people? What for? How much more destruction will the Lindsey Grahams of the world participate in wreaking upon the country without dire personal consequences?

In Braveheart, Robert the Bruce is allowed to redeem himself by finally uniting the clans and defeating the English. The Bruces in Washington might take comfort in the story, but they’d better realize that like the Bruce in the movie they’ve already had their one shot at betraying those who support them. There are other Scottish nobles who don’t fare as well as the Bruce does after betraying Wallace, one might recall.

These are momentous times, and the country is in the process of throwing off 100 years of failed leftist ideas about government. Those who resist that movement, regardless of party, will be the victims of it. We have already seen several princelings put to the sword in this cycle, and in two weeks we’ll see many more. But if the message isn’t received in Washington, what happens this year is but a prelude to a scouring-out of the political class in 2012.



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