Marco Rubio Alleged to be “Anti-Latino”

Here is an excerpt from the latest debate in Florida in which the debate moderator accuses Rubio of running on an “anti-Latino” platform:

Let’s just get one thing straight right off the bat.  Rubio is the son of a Cuban immigrant.  In other words, his father is a member of the Latino population moderator Greg Hengler claims Rubio is discriminating against.  From the outset, the accusation is astoundingly ignorant.

But then let’s get to the real meat of the matter. No one from The Left has the capacity to understand that enforcing our country’s immigration laws is not anti-Latino.  It is called upholding the laws of the United States of America.  It is called being pro-America, and any Latino-American who has immigrated to this country legally supports the enforcement of immigration laws.  Period.

Here is a statement from Hotair on the issue:

It seems to escape the intellectual capacity of Rubio’s opponents, and many on the Left, that one can be pro-immigration while demanding and end to illegalimmigration.  Marco Rubio makes this point very clearly and concisely by demanding the rule of law apply not just to Americans but also those who want to enter our country.  It’s hardly anti-Latino to demand equal treatment under the law, and to demand that the federal government fulfill one of its actual Constitutional duties in securing the nation’s borders.

Hotair places the issue in its proper context.  Supporting the enforcement of illegal immigration laws is not anti-Latino.  It is supporting a constitutional mandate of the federal government. On the issue of illegal immigration, The Left could not be more in the wrong.  The flawed logical of left-wing politicians on this issue is quite apparent in every corner of the country.  Maybe its time The Left starts appealing to legal citizens of this country, because if they really want to obtain the vote of legitimate Latino-Americans, they’re not going to succeed by taking such an obviously flawed stance.

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