Open Thread: Melancon Gone Wild!

This deserves a much longer post, but since we’ve got a lot going on and perhaps not enough time to give it the attention it deserves, we’ll let our readers take a crack at it.

Of course, the subject at hand is the rather unhinged quote to follow:

“If the people of the state vote David Vitter back, it will prove they aren’t as smart as I think they are. But I believe they are smarter than Vitter gives them credit for,” Melancon said.

In other words, it you vote on the issues and disagree with Charlie-Boy, whose record as a congressman is about as undistinguished, mediocre, unprincipled and deceptive toward his constituents as there is, you’re a moron. That’s what he thinks of you.

Melancon is getting trashed in the polls and he’s more or less out of money. He knows he’s lost. And instead of rethinking what has been an absolutely horrid campaign, he’s lashing out at his fellow Louisianians – proving he deserves the butt-kicking he has coming in six days.




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