Open Thread: OK, What Do Y’All Think Of This?

It’s the Dardenne campaign’s new spot…

I’ll start off this blab-fest: I like it. Sorta.

I mean, it’s hokey, and at the beginning you want to gag a little – here’s Dardenne trying to glom onto an Iraq War veteran. But as it goes on, it gets tied in a little. This guy went to Iraq and sold everybody over there on how bad-ass Louisiana is. And that’s what Dardenne wants to do.

Which is the job he’s running for, and the one thing Dardenne deserves credit for is that he’s definitely tailored most of his campaign to what the Lieutenant Governor actually does. You gotta be grateful for that. The other candidate thinks making BP put a headquarters in Golden Meadow is her job.

The ad doesn’t quite say how Dardenne is going to tell Louisiana’s story, though that criticism might be a bit much of a spot that only goes a minute or so.

Even so, I’d say it’s good. It’s a good bit better than his radio spot attacking Fayard – everything in that spot appears to be on the money, but the scary-guy voice frightens the females. And when women in this state get it in their heads to vote gender for whatever reason, all hell breaks loose. Consider the dunce who got elected governor in 2003 and how well that worked out. Fayard, as left-wing and “connected” as she might be, isn’t anywhere near as stupid as the dunce was.



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