Rand Paul Shouldn’t Waste His Time On A Debate Ever Again

At this point it doesn’t really matter since he’s now ahead by a comfortable 50-43 margin in the last Fox News poll and a blowaway 53-40 margin in the latest numbers from Democrat outfit Public Policy Polling – but you’ll have to forgive Rand Paul if he never does a debate again after last night’s debacle.


Well, let’s start with the questions Paul – a serious political thinker with serious ideas about serious change to how American government works – was given by the moderator.

Who’s your favorite teacher? What’s your favorite state park? What’s your favorite work of fiction? Which Kentucky politician inspired you?
And from there, you can progress to the fact that, although the story broke over the weekend that Paul’s opponent Jack Conway, the state’s attorney general, may have tipped off his brother about his being investigated for drug trafficking, no questions about that issue were raised at the debate.
And finally, the fact that crowd control was so bad that Paul and Conway supporters ended up in a rumble outside the building; specifically, a woman from MoveOn.org in disguise was taken down to the ground and her head stepped on after she accosted Paul.
Paul won the debate easily, just like he won the first debate. But in the future he might want to think about skype rather than put himself through another horror show like the one Kentucky Educational Television ran last night.
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