Think It’s Overheated Language To Call Environuts Monsters And Fascists?

Really? Are you sure?

OK, then. Watch this.

This was put out by a British group, as you can tell. This is the envirofascist Left’s response to their global warming hoax being exploded – rather than repair the brand or use a softer touch, they openly suggest blowing up people who disagree with them. Maybe it’s supposed to be funny, but it’s hard to see how the concept of callously exploding your coworkers, friends and even children in your charge because they won’t commit to a meaningless, destructive and stupid exercise is very humorous.

This is horrid, but they ought to be thanked for it. Finally, these people have stopped pretending to be anything other than the soulless, hateful monsters with no regard for human life or freedom they are.

Would that all left-wing tyrant wannabes follow suit. Things would be simpler.



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