Tribal Warfare

People regularly try to figure out ways to make politics better, and if not better, at least understandable. They look at divergent ideologies. They look at historical theories and try desperately to outmaneuver the enemy while appearing to be better than those they oppose. The answer’s simple.

This is nothing but Tribal Warfare. One group of a certain ethnic group fights another for supremacy and primacy as pertains to guidance of that group. Cavemen banded together to run the show. As societies grew and people extended the clan there were always certain groups bonding to find the safety in numbers more likely to assure their survival. It was also possible they could rise to the point of leadership. It could also lead to subjugation and slavery for some if they weren’t careful.

Clans and tribes and nations and people define the development of any society. The composition of the group changes as the level of scientific education grows and gains acceptance. As this continues theory displaces emotional and genetic bonding and theory attracts new blood to the political gene pool.

It remains to be seen whether the extension of the gene pool was polluted by the nastiness of human greed or not. Most normally it’s a minor form of sepsis (infection) that’s realized. With selective care options the political system can remain intact. But, it will never again be pure. It’s been infected once and it has changed the genetic structure of the movement.

This is what happens to any political movement and party as time progresses.

Initially, people banded together to advance a common cause or ideology. The purity of their thought and theory is all mattering to them at the point of communal genesis. As time advances, divergent thought influence actions. Theories change. The purity of the thought/theory develops contaminants because of the infiltration of individual’s shading and interpretation of the original theory they banded together to advance in the first place.

This is what you get when you look at the United States of America as it stands today.

Initially the idea was to form a Republic representative of the wishes of the citizenry. But, the chosen representatives almost immediately came to the table and spread the infection of their personal goals and theories. The gentry, the wealthy and the prosperous ascended to the heights of government. And that’s where the whole things started to rot like an over-ripe pumpkin.

Now we have news transmitted at the speed of thought and literacy is almost universal in this country. But still, we don’t hear the truth from anybody.

We hear theory. We hear self-serving doctrine. We hear bombast and histrionics (loud drama) from both groups involved in this thing called government. We’re the audience in a massive theatrical production foretelling our future because we’re watching it all on a TV screen defining the borders of our understanding. We only get what they give us. We need Panorama and get nothing more than a snapshot of what’s really happening.

We get even less of an understanding as to how it all affects us in general.

The development of political parties has been a curse on the American people since the birth of the nation. The goals of any party organized alongside a political ideology are designed to further prejudicial direction and control for one group over all others. Parties organize and factionalize the direction and control. Parties are designed to take small, organized factions and lend them an artificial quantum of strength and power that subjugates the whole organism to the will of a few.

Today that means ONLY the Democratic Party or the Republican Party can participate successfully as ideologies for Americans to vote on and deny or accept. Parties allow small, artful minorities to direct the will and path of America today. Political parties regularly count on voter apathy to assist in the advancement of their causes. Silence speaks loudest at the polls: until now.

Tea Parties seem to be saying the regularly scheduled party’s over.

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