Bill Clinton is an Idiot

The same day Clinton’s staff confirmed suspicions that he had urged Kendrick Meek to drop out of the Florida Senate race, Clinton appeared at a rally on Monday to support his “dear friend,” revealing a remarkable flip-flop over a short time period. 

Does he not realize that this kind of B.S. is exactly what Americans hate about politics?  Does it even seem reasonable that voters will support Meek after a figurehead of the Democratic Party supported, opposed, and then supported the man in less than 24 hours?  Does that lend Meek any measure of credibility whatsoever?

He went on to question the indisputable enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans:

“I keep looking for this enthusiasm gap the Republicans say exist and I can’t find it to save my life,” Clinton said to wild applause.

Even The Left acknowledges the severe case of voter apathy affecting its base.  Clinton is an idiot.  Then there’s this statement from Senator Bill Nelson (D):

Afterward, Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) scoffed at the idea of tension between Clinton and Meek.  “This was a love-fest,” Nelson said. “He’s campaigned for Kendrick 14 times. What other candidate could say that?”

How about: What other candidate can say that Clinton asked them to drop out of the midterm election altogether?  That seems like an appropriate question.

A love fest? This kind of desperation is outlandish and deplorable.  The Democrats are going to be crushed today.  It will be a referendum on failed policy, lack of transparent government, and corrupt political elites.  Yet, they seem not to realize that they are perpetuating their elitist stereotype by effectively insulting the intelligence of the American people.  Clinton displays a complete lack of support for Meek a week ago, and he confirms that lack of support on Monday. Then, he shows up that same night to campaign for the man he admitted to want out of the race???

Bill Clinton really is an idiot.

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