Damn the voters! Full Speed Ahead!

Ten months ago, after a premonition of things to come in the form of Scott Brown winning the vacated senate seat of Ted Kennedy, our esteemed congressional leaders led by the 44th president ignored that ominous warning and proceeded with their anti-American agenda.

It was a Lose/Win situation for most of us.

On one hand, we were handed a turd sandwich in the form of Health Care reform and a mountain of politically created debt, but, on the other, it had sewn the fate of many of those who cast their lot in favor of his policies in the coming November elections. The upheaval of House congressional seats was something not seen since 1948, and what a beautiful sight it was last evening. If I never hear of another word of the arrogance of Nancy Pelosi or the extravagance she demanded during her position of Speaker of the House, it will make me a much happier person. She forgot, as many of the ousted democrats found out last night, that she was elected to represent the voice of a portion of the American people; not pretend to know what is best for us, but to actually listen and govern accordingly.

Others in the Senate were spared the embarrassment of being run out of Washington on a rail by the smallest of margins, and we hope that this wake-up call, sent by a much larger voting group than Massachusetts in January, will not be dismissed so readily. However, alas, after hearing several victory speeches from those in the Senate who managed to hold onto their seat, we will probably not be so lucky. Nearly all uttered the one word which seemed taboo the last two years in Congress: Bi-Partisan.

Excuse me while I shake my head. For two years, the democrats governed like a dictatorship when it enjoyed a huge majority in the House, and a nearly filibuster proof supermajority in the Senate. If they had even attempted to include any Republican ideas from across the aisle over the last 24 months, a lot more damaging legislation would be weighing down this country like someone drowning being tossed an anchor. This, of course, should at least be applauded somewhat: Governing from the far left has given us the opportunity which we seized on Tuesday.

The real question after yesterday is this: “Should the newly minted House GOP majority attempt to come together with our previous oppressors?” As Michelle Malkin so eloquently stated: “Let us be clear, in case it hasn’t fully sunk into the minds of Obama and the trash-talking Democrats yet: You can take your faux olive branch and shove it.” It’s a nice way to say: “Hell No!” and I fully agree with her. There are consequences for one’s action and the voters, who handed us the first, sure as hell don’t want us to screw up the second, which is work with this leftist agenda.

We are at the dawn of the 2nd half of the 44th president’s term. He ignored the voters the first time, and now they have suffered massive casualties. Hopefully, his Soros programming prohibits him from moving to the center, because if he continues this arrogant, community organizing, stare-down-his-nose, better-than-you persona towards the very people who elected him, he’ll fully sink those survivors by2012.



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