Hey, California – Go To Hell.

This is who you elected as your governor.

Hear us, California. You have allowed public employee unions to destroy your economy, ruin your public fisc and corrupt your political process. Your coddling of illegal aliens has turned you into a third-world society and balkanized your cities.

You have reached bottom. And last night you were given an opportunity to begin coming back.

You chose to continue diving.

So be it. But when Jerry Brown runs off whatever businesses are left in your state and fiscal implosion results, don’t come to the rest of us for help.

None will be forthcoming. We have our own problems. And your refusal to even acknowledge yours – you just elected a man who thinks “renewable energy” and “public education” hold the key to the future of the state – makes you unfit for our assistance.

No bailouts. No accomodations. It’s time for you to burn.

Elections have consequences.



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