More TSA Horror Stories

Do you really want to let these people unionize and continue this behavior at the behest of Janet Napolitano, who thinks all this is “part of recognizing your role?”

And – you’ll love this – the terrorist enablers at CAIR are insisting that examinations of Muslim women be searched only around the head and neck because to do more would be a violation of their religious beliefs. CAIR, of course, is on the side of the people who have created this nightmare in the first place – and yet Napolitano was apparently considering this.

Thankfully, today TSA head John Pistole told a Senate committee hearing that they’re not giving religious exemptions, but it’s virtually assured that CAIR will fund a lawsuit as soon as a Muslim is treated the same as the rest of us are.

Know what’s amazing? For a decade we heard that the Republic was breaking down because under the Patriot Act the government would pay attention to the people who were checking out books on how bombs are made and so forth – but those same people have NOTHING TO SAY when ordinary Americans are sexually assaulted and turned into unwitting porn stars in broad daylight.



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