The Bradley Schaefer Affair, Part Two: Class Questions

In the second installment of’s expose of Dr. Bradley Schaefer’s LSU astronomy class, we see more of the parameters the professor set for his class discussion of global warming and greenhouse gases. They don’t appear to support the narrative Schaefer’s defenders have been selling of a balanced discussion.

After Schaefer had his Astronomy 1101 students seat themselves according to their opinion of global warming and what should be done about it, he passed out class questions for framing the discussion.

  • What fraction of your income are you willing to pay in taxes or higher costs of products so that the effects of greenhouse gas will be limited?
  • Will you personally ever buy a gas-guzzling car like an SUV?
  • Your professed policies have a substantial likelihood of leading to the death of a billion people or more. (A) Estimate the probability that you personally will be killed in an ugly way because of your decision? (B) What is the probability that any children of yours will die in ugly ways due to your current decision.

On the video, it’s clear Schaefer won’t even allow the skeptics to answer that third question.

Schaefer makes $92,000 at LSU.

Kevin Carman, Dean of LSU’s College of Science, is quoted as saying the following in reaction:

“In academia, sometimes our faculty push the envelope. This is certainly pushing the envelope, but I have no intention of doing anything in response to this.”



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