The LSU-Bradley Schaeffer Affair, All Fleshed Out

On Nov. 10, we posted a video of an astronomy class at LSU which indicated the level of left-wing indoctrination our tax dollars are funding in some instances. That video generated no small amount of controversy, particularly among those who believe it wasn’t fully indicative of the affair LSU professor Bradley Schaeffer put on.

Well, the organization which originally released the video has now prepared a more detailed presentation of what actually happened in that class. And is taking pains to show that, if anything, it’s worse than advertised.

Astronomy professor Dr. Bradley Schaeffer of Louisiana State University seated his class according to their opinions on the proper policy response to global warming.

His class seating chart (see the bottom of the blog post), which ranged from “US should do nothing” to “mandatory birth control” and “eliminate all engines,” seemed — to one student — “an opportunity for our teacher to openly mock” right-leaning students in class. 

As students file into the room, Dr. Schaeffer shouts his warnings to students who sit in the corner of the room that advocates no governmental action in response to global warming.

“You will not want your children, if they live, why you’re sitting on that corner, that you’re part of the the trouble, right?” he says. Then he tells another student, “Too little, too late. Blood will be on your hands.”

The seating chart for that class indicates Schaeffer’s idea of the spectrum of opinion on global warming…

With that chart, the video comes into more vivid perspective…

Today’s offering from is the first of three, with additional explanations of the complete video coming in subsequent days.



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